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PG Diploma In Diabetes From Royal College Of Physicians United Kingdom

I would like to tell my patients from the last 8 years and counting… I am giving the services as the best General Physician. I like to synergize my team with my medical expertise focusing on giving quality care and giving the patient the latest medical facilities. Me and my enthusiast team offer treatment for Infectious Disease, Hypertension, Viral Fever, Diabetes, and much more

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Dr. Gurparkash Sandhu is a UK Trained General Physician who has grown up intending to do something better and effective for the medical sector. In the years of working, his insistence has always been on accurate diagnosis, establishing effective patient-doctor communication, and suggesting an appropriate treatment plan. His mindset and zeal to do his best set him apart from the rest. The energy that he radiates on his patients is the reason he is the - Best General Physician in Punjab.


Dr. Gurparkash Sandhu, ‘I strongly believe that Greate execution makes the ultimate difference. I am specialized in handling seriously complex cases of diabetes. I aim to always provide the patients with a relaxed and homely environment. Following that, I give them enough time to communicate to clear their concern about their health and the treatment plan given to them. I always tell my patients, ‘How do they manage their routine check-ups with me?’ The flow of positive energy and trust makes a difference in treating health ailments. I am Passionate about advanced and good health care to improve the quality of life of my patients.’

Our Know-How

I and my entire team have the caliber of giving you the best medical service every day. We are here ‘Caring for our region’s most precious resource - Humankind’. Our expertise is to provide treatment for.

Diabetes Management

Diabetes in medical terms is referred to as diabetes mellitus. The term here stands for a group of metabolic diseases in which blood glucose level rises which can be the reason for insulin production not being proper or the body’s cells are not in relation to insulin. For effective diabetes management consult our doctor.

Infectious Disease Treatment

Infectious disease can be the reason for pathogens which includes fungi, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and much more which leads to illness. The transmission can occur in many ways like direct contact with the infected person, foodborne illness, or through insects & ticks. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and depending on the same you will get the treatment.

Hypertension Treatment

You might know this by the name of high blood pressure in which the blood force is high against the artery walls. This health issue is likely to lead to several health problems like heart disease. Once it has come to light that you have high blood pressure, then you should consult a medical expert.

Viral Fever Treatment

Viral fever as the name suggests occurs due to a viral infection which can be from a dengue or flu fever. If the viral fever does not seem to go down within 1 to 2 days then immediate medical attention is required. If your temperature reads 103°F (39°C) or higher, then get yourself the right treatment plan and do as the doctor says.

Diabetes in Children

Diabetes is one of the common health concerns all around the globe. Not only adults or older people, even children, and the younger generation are getting diagnosed with diabetes. Early detection and customized treatment plan is the way to improve their health and wellness so that they can live a healthy & better life.

Obesity Treatment

The goal of obesity treatment is to make you get to your normal body weight. You might come across countless strategies to reduce your body weight but to find the best option for you, you have to get medical expertise. Make sure to deal with obesity on time, as it will reduce your chances to develop any health issues in the future.

Allergy Treatment

Season of allergy can be a problematic situation for some people. Allergy is the way the body reacts to something harmless like animal dander, food items, mold, pollen, or insect stings. Sometimes, symptoms are mild or it can be so severe that it can point to a life-threatening situation.

Health Checkup

Full health checkup Better for you. It allows checking your overall health where it is made sure that your health is in the right state. With just a blood sample, it will come to light if your entire health is right. If not, then you will be advised on what further step you have to take.

Lifestyle Disorders Treatment

When a person is healthy it will automatically change the way they live their life. But, if you don’t live the way which we have to then it can lead to lifestyle disorders or diseases of civilization. We are living in the 21st century and it is important to get concerned about our health, especially after seeing what COVID has done to our lives.

Chest Problems

Chest problems might not point to heart attacks but they can point out another health issue. Quality, intensity, duration, and location - These 4 factors will help to determine what the concern is and according to the same you will be given the treatment plan.

Our Reviews

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We understand how uneasy it might be putting your trust in a doctor. Trust the word of our patients cured by our team of doctors as they have shared about their treatment journey with us.

Divanshu Sinha

“My mother's health started to decline due to her diabetic condition. Luckily, I came across Dr. Gurparkash Sandhu whose treatment approach surprised us. He made us understand the situation in a way that no one has ever told us about. I am highly thankful to Dr. Gurparkash Sandhu for helping my mother and improving her quality of life.”

Dr. Gurparkash Sandhu is like our family doctor whom we have been in touch with for many years. He is the one whom I always get my overall health checkup from. Moreover, his medical expertise and skills have helped me to understand better how to take care of my health. Even during COVID, his guidance helped our family to stay healthy and fit.



2 years back, all of a sudden I started having allergic symptoms. My friend recommended me to consult Dr. Gurparkash Sandhu because even though he was going through the same situation and under his treatment plan, he felt much better. The doctor guided me on how to manage when an allergy trigger and what I have to avoid during the same.



I got diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 23. I am glad that I started my treatment journey with Dr. Gurparkash Sandhu as his medical assistance has made a huge change in my overall health. Now, it has been 3 years and as per his treatment plan I am able to keep my diabetes under control.



We listen to our patients. In case of any inquiry, please fill out the form or email us. drgurparkash@gmail.com

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